This Guy Made Real-Life Pokémon and They Look Creepy and Real as Hell


Most Pokémon fans have at one point or another wished that Pokémon existed in the real world. However, most of us have never stopped to consider how absolutely unsettling most of our favorite monsters would look in real life. Artist Joshua Dunlop, on the other hand, has definitely put some thought into just how weird Pokémon would look if they were real.

Credit: Joshua Dunlop

Credit: Joshua Dunlop

Credit: Joshua Dunlop


Pikachu Credit: Joshua Dunlop

Charmander Credit: Joshua Dunlop

Oddish Credit: Joshua Dunlop

The real-life renderings of Pokémon are incredible, but downright creepy. Especially Diglett. It’s literally a lump with a face. If you want to supports the artist, check out Joshua Dunlop on FacebookArtstation

These realistic images of Pokémon raise even more concerns about every young Pokémon lover’s dream- what could we expect if Pokémon were real? Certainly nothing good. The immense power that each Pokémon holds would just be too much for the world to handle. Imagine a Golem having a panic attack in the middle of NYC and using Earthquake, Magnitude, or something similar- the infrastructure in New York isn’t prepared to handle abuse like that. Fire Pokémon would be burning down buildings and starting forest fires left and right. Drifloons would be stealing little kids left and right. People wouldn’t go outside because there would be freakin’ 3-foot tall bees with drills for hands flying around everywhere. It would be absolute chaos.

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