Ghost Recon Wildlands Unlocking Content Guide

Hello Ghosts,

Over the past few days, we have received questions about accessing particular additional content. Here’s an overview of the most common cases with some guidance and information.

1.Technical Test & Beta Rewards

If you have been part of our test phases, thank you! We’re extremely excited to share some exclusive content. Please remember to use the same Ubisoft account that accessed the betas in order to access this offer.

  • Technical Test : Bolivian Cap [Already Available]
  • Closed Beta : Llama T-Shirt [Already Available]
  • Open Beta : SIG556 Llama [Already Available]


All of these rewards are available on the Ubisoft Club. For more detailed information on the redeeming process, please follow this dedicated multi-platforms FAQ:

After redeeming, the content will be available at the next launch of Ghost Recon Wildlands.

The Unidad Conspiracy Mission will be accessible at a later date for all beta players who purchase the game before March 31st, 2017.

2. Other Ubisoft Club Rewards

The Ubisoft Club also features many other rewards available to all of our players! Discover their unlock conditions on this dedicated page:


3. Pre-Order bonus

By pre-ordering the game, you will have access to the Peruvian Connection Mission. This mission is available in the Inca Camina province! An email have been sent to all players that pre-ordered the game with a special code that can be redeemed here:

Please note that this content will also be available to all season-pass owners at a later date.


4.Season Pass Bonuses

If you bought Ghost Recon Wildlands in retail (boxed edition), it is necessary to first redeem the key on the leaflet. For more information about the redemption process for keys, please check out the dedicated FAQ on:

For your convenience, here is a full recap of the availability of Season Pass content. More information is available on:

– Expansions

  • Narco Road [Release Date TBC]
  • Fallen Ghosts [Release Date TBC]

– Ghosts Packs

  • Rebellion [Already Available]
  • Unidad [Release Date TBC]
  • Santa Blanca [Release Date TBC]

– Missions

  • Peruvian Connection [Release Date TBC] / please note that this mission is already available for pre-orders, see above.
  • Unidad Conspiracy [Release Date TBC]

– Others

  • Bolivian Minibus [Already Available at Inca Camina Echo, Itacua Bravo, Libertad Charlie, Remanzo Alpha, Villa Verde Bravo rally points]
  • Permanent XP Booster [Already Available]
  • 1 Short XP Booster [Already Available] / for information on how to access the XP Boosts please see our dedicated FAQ.
  • 800 CREDITS to use in the In Game Store [Already Available]


5. Deluxe Bonuses

The Deluxe Edition also gives you access to a variety of digital content. If you bought a retail version, remember to redeem the key:

The Deluxe Edition contains the following content:

  • Huntsman Gear Set [Already Available in Charasmith]
  • 3 Weapon Camouflages [Already Available in Gunsmith]
  • Wilderness Rifle [Already Available in Gunsmith]
  • Huntsman Motorbike [Already Available at Itacua Echo, Caimanes Charlie, Malca Bravo, Mojocoyo Alpha, Tabacal Charlie rally point]
  • 3 Emblems for your Task Force [Already Available]
  • 1 XP boost [Already Available] / for information on how to access the XP Boosts please see our dedicated FAQ:



PS4 & Xbox One Players: If you are still unable to access your content after following this guide, we recommend you to check if those elements are pending download or if you have any ownership issues.

If you are supposed to receive a code (pre-order for instance) and still haven’t received it yet, please check your spam folder and then contact our Customer Support via

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