Arnold Schwarzenegger taught a troll a valuable lesson after he took a shot at the Special Olympics

The 2017 Special Olympics World Games just wrapped in Austria and it was an absolute success.

With the Games taking place in Austria, you can bet that Thal, Austria native Arnold Schwarzenegger was in attendance to witness incredible athletes take part in some fantastic events.



Just the other day, Schwarzenegger posted this video on his Facebook page with some of his new friends, who happened to be athletes from the Games.

Since the Internet can be a dark place sometimes, someone left a very inappropriate comment on the post and took a shot at the athletes and the event. Schwarzenegger being the boss that he is, fired right back at the troll and taught him a valuable lesson with a comment of his own.

Via Imgur

It’s too bad the former professional bodybuilder didn’t get to see this person face-to-face, because there’s no way any of these words would have left his mouth if he had The Terminator looking him in the eye.


(H/T Facebook/Arnold Schwarzenegger)

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